The Chenot Diet

Translating science into food

The fundamentals of Chenot diet

The Chenot diet plan is one of the integral components of the Chenot Method®. The diet has been carefully designed to work in synergy with the other medical treatments to support the detoxification, stimulation and reset the body.

Chenot has incorporated a significant amount of scientific research into the formulated diet; from the selection, processing and cooking techniques of the foods, to creating unique detox recipes that combine a variety of the finest ingredients without compromising taste, flavour and presentation. The low-density calories, acidity, low temperatures and moisture are all taken into significant consideration.

The Chenot diet plan consists of fresh, wholesome and non-processed ingredients with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-glycating and alkaline properties.

Two different diet plans are implemented in specific Chenot centres according to individual needs as assessed by the medical professionals which include the Detox and the Biolight diet.

The Detox diet is a low-calorie plant-based diet that is specially formulated to avoid malnutrition and aims to stimulate metabolic efficiency, promote repairing of the cells and supports detoxification processes.

Similarly, the Biolight Diet is also a reduced-calorie plan; however, this incorporates a more extensive variety of nutrients as all food s including meat and fish are included. This nutritional plan is ideal for those that wish to restore their energy levels, optimise their metabolism while achieving and maintaining their healthy weight. Further, this diet is also appropriate for individuals who prefer a diet with more macronutrients or for those who struggle with metabolic problems, in which case a plant-based diet may not be suitable. The ethos of the Chenot Method® ensures that all diet plans are specifically tailored to the guest’s needs, established by the medical professionals upon arrival and the individual’s personal preference.