Age catches up with you faster than you think; imagine however, a future where people can enjoy their 80’s in the same way they enjoyed their 30’s – Henri Chenot.

The Science of Living Young

Fascinated by the impact of lifestyle on our genetic inheritance, Henri Chenot is an adamant believer that prevention is better than cure. Consequently, Henri Chenot started his revolutionary health wellness concept in Biontology in the early 1970s, with a new perspective of studying the ageing process.

“As medical advances have helped to improve health and increase longevity, the focus has shifted from the quantity to the quality of life. As a result, we are faced with an ageing challenge; how do we ensure that we spend our extra years in optimum health for as long as possible without decline? How do we ensure that we are living better for longer, maintaining a fully active life, while reducing the risk of ill-health and associated age-related diseases? How do we secure our health wellness?”

Biontology describes the concept of optimum health and how it can be achieved through a holistic approach. We are in good health when our body, mind and soul work in harmony and transmit a deep sense of peace and happiness. When this harmony breaks or lacks, our body accumulates damage faster than it should, toxins build up, and our health deteriorates. Consequently, due to internal causes, the rate we age biologically is considerably increased and thus, premature ageing occurs.

Biontology signalises the importance of investing in our physical and mental health from the earliest possible age. It proposes that this challenge on our health wellness goes beyond the traditional medical health and care approach. Biontology requires interventions from a lifestyle perspective, in which wellness efforts are not motivated by a desire to avoid disease, but rather by a desire to enhance successful existence. Our daily living, life events and lifestyle choices, subjective and multidimensional, produce different types and amounts of negative and positive signals within the body. These signals make an impact on our level of health wellness. For living better and for longer, we need to assess, prioritise and integrate our dominant lifestyle inputs with our ability to convert them into health wellness outcomes for our body and mind.

Through Biontology and its multi-disciplinary approach, Henri Chenot is committed to helping people recover their lost personal balance, to reset and to reach their optimum health both physically and mentally.

Biontology provides the theoretical and scientific framework that has become the Chenot Method®.

There is no doubt that we will live longer and better than ever, so we should each make it our mission to make the most of it.