Chenot Method®

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With almost fifty years of research and professional experience, Chenot has developed and refined a unique method comprising of specific treatments and diet plans that in synergy, work to support and stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, increase vitality, energy levels and rebalance the body's physiology.

The protocols of the implemented treatments are collectively known as the Chenot Method®. These combine the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with the latest scientific advances in western classical medicine and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.

The Chenot Method® is unique in its application in that, it integrates and transmits energetic, physical and emotional signals to the body. Further, the Chenot Method® treats the person at a holistic level rather than focusing on the individual’s symptoms. Both the integrated detox treatments and diet plans that support the natural cleansing functions of the body are the key tenant of the Chenot Method®.

The activation of the energy channels, the stimulation of physiological function, the Chenot products applied, the detoxification techniques used, and the diet plan are all combined to act as positive stressors to trigger preventive, repairing and regenerative actions.

The body, in turn, responds by building up its own internal medicine and regains energy, functional capacity, inner harmony and preserves them over a long period.

The treatments are powerful, effective and personalised to the needs of each, enabling the body and mind to reach their optimum activity level.