The Chenot Philosophy

Achieving your optimum health and creating successful ageing.

Our Philosophy

We have a holistic vision of the body that supports the view of how important it is to invest in both our physical and mental health. We believe you can obtain the optimum health at any age with an active, complete and satisfying social life.

Unfortunately, we live in an environment that is continuously changing and which is hostile to life. The environmental pollution, the everyday consumption of processed and non-organic food, the lack of physical activity, the work, the stress, the relationships, and above all the unhealthy habits and lifestyle - all together force the body and the mind to battle against these environmental conditions continually. As a result, over time, the body accumulates “toxins” that gradually reduce function and increased body damage settles in.

In our company, we recognise these negatives and the harmful impact that it imposes on our lives, mainly when one carries on living in the same way, doing very little to change.

We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to our method of work. We have designed personalised powerful and effective treatments, therapies and products intending to detoxify body and mind. We are improving vitality, spirit and well-being while promoting beauty and aesthetics.

We firmly believe that our powerful treatments, diagnostics and nutrition working in synergy, provide a way of life unrivalled by our competitors.

Our re-education from our expert scientific team of doctors, nutritionists and health coaches -combined with our guests' positive attitude towards life and their will power to a healthier lifestyle, will ultimately support the guest to obtain the optimum health and beauty at any age.