The Chenot History

Prevention to secure wellness is a lifetime challenge – Henri Chenot

Chenot timeline history


Henri Chenot opened the first iconic Espace Henri Chenot at the General Hospital in Cannes, where the first application of the Chenot Method® was applied.


Henri moved The Espace Henri Chenot to Solda, South Tyrol, Italy where it served dedicated Chenot guests and regular hotel guests.


Henri then moved to the hotel ‘Villa Eden’ Merano, Italy.


Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot grew an extensive following from celebrities, personalities, musicians, actors and athletes coming from all over the world.


Henri created “L’Accademia di Biontologia”, a new concept which studies the evolution of psycho-physical ageing.


Henri began expansion and the Chenot concept was founded, paving the way for new Chenot palaces and locations.


The launch of Espace Chenot Health Wellness Spa in Relais & Cháteaux hotel, in Erbusco, Italy.


After overwhelming demand Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot underwent a complete renovation to re-open and be fully dedicated to Chenot programmes.


Chenot launched its first Wellness Spa brand, ‘Espace Vitalitiè Chenot’, in Barvikha hotel in Moscow, Russia.


Chenot launched ‘Espace Vitalitiè Chenot’, in Elounda Beach Hotel in Crete and Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece.


Henri enrolled at the LUISS University in Rome, Italy. The collaboration with Prof. Fontana and Prof. Gasparri, teaching the course ‘Executive Wellness Management and Innovation in the Wellness Industry, from start-up to the Management of a Centre’, referencing Espace Henri Chenot Merano, as the business model.


Henri received the high accolade of ‘Grand’Ordine di Merito’ from the Province of Bolzano, recognising his contribution to wellness in the region of Alto Adige.


The introduction of the Chenot skincare line based on scientific research.


The launch of Espace Vitalitè Chenot in Marrakech, Morocco.


A partnership was born with Turkish conglomerate company ‘Dogus ’, allowing for further international development.


The launch of Chenot Palace Gabala, Azerbaijan.


Chenot acquires Chenot Espace in Montenegro, Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland, and land in Marbella to build new Chenot Palace. Chenot has locations in eight countries, product portfolio of skincare cosmeceuticals, professional spa products and the herbal teas. The Chenot headquarter is based in Weggis, central Switzerland.

Henri Chenot

Henri Chenot was born in 1943. He is of Catalan origin, but French by adoption. Henri Chenot studied Biology at the Research Centre for Marine Biology, adjoining the Sorbonne in Banyuls-Sur Mer with an interest in Anthropology, Philosophy and Chinese Medicine (which he went on to study for over ten years), as well as Bio-Energetic Psychology and Naturopathy (natural remedies to cure illnesses). He obtained a master's degree and a doctorate in Psychology and an "Honoris Causa" doctorate in Human Sciences from the University of Kensington.

In the early seventies, Henri Chenot created the first of a series of phytocosmetics and phytotherapy laboratories, demonstrating new thalassotherapy techniques. At the same time as president and founder of the International Phytocosmetics Association, Chenot began travelling around Europe to illustrate to other scientists his idea of preventative healthcare, stressing, that certain lifestyle choices accumulate to a build-up of toxins that lead to degenerative diseases.

His revolutionary approach to health wellness led to the development of his concept of Biontology (the science of living) and his Method of rebalancing the physiology of the body, that is implemented in all Chenot Centres as the core therapeutic approach.

Henri Chenot is the author of seven wellness books.

Dominique Chenot

Dominique Chenot was born in Algeria in 1952 and moved to France with her family in 1962. Dominque is a professional aesthetician and beautician since 1980.

Dominique has obtained vast experience in the area of professional beauty and aesthetics over the years, keeping up to date with aesthetic innovations and trends. She is developing programmes and treatments with the medical aesthetic teams for all the Chenot Centres.

Dominique is also passionate about cooking - creating many dietetic recipes and ingredients applying cooking methods consistent with the principles of the Chenot Method® without compromising texture, flavour, taste and aroma.

Dominique Chenot is the author of two health and dietary books.